About Dr. Schmidt

About Dr. Crystal Schmidt DC

When I was an intern just finishing chiropractic school I had a unique experience that I still carry with me today. My father was in a lot of pain and needed to see a Chiropractor. He had not had a good experience in the past and was apprehensive about going to one again. I convinced him to see the doctor I was studying under at the time. I knew this Chiropractor was a great doctor, but as he worked on my dad I monitored every single move he made. I wanted to make sure this doctor had every important detail. I wanted my dad to have the perfect amount of care- to have everything the doctor offered that would help him, and nothing extra or frivolous. Like a mother hen guarding her chick. 

I realized something that day that would shape the way I practice. If I treated everybody with that much thought and caution, guarding them as if they were my own family member, their care would be exceptional.

And that is what I do- with every patient I see I think about the day when I stood there and watched my father being treated by that doctor. And with each patient I ask myself: What would I want this patient to have if they were my an important family member?

I grew up near the Eau Claire, WI area on a small hobby farm in the outskirts of town. I have always loved the outdoors, from climbing trees and collecting toads when I was young, to gardening and taking a relaxing walk through the woods today.  I graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a degree in Biology. Following that I completed Chiropractic school, which is where I really learned to appreciate what natural medicine can do for people.  My degree is in chiropractic, but my true passion is helping sick people become well by using natural methods.

I operate according to the Golden Rule: treat people as you wish to be treated. 

When I go to a health care facility I want my doctor to be on time, I want them to pay attention to me- to listen when I talk and ask relevant questions. I want a thorough exam and well thought out treatment and I want it explained to me in a way that I can understand. I want the doctor to be honest with me and to tell me what I need to do to improve. I want the greatest care possible but I don’t want any care that is unnecessary. This is what I expect and this is what I intend to give.

What good is life if you aren’t having fun?!
Your health is a matter that I take very seriously. I love what I do and I like to have fun at work. Although we are dealing with something that is serious, you will find a very light-hearted atmosphere here. 

I look forward to working with you!
-Dr. Crystal Schmidt DC