You are a good parent if you are reading this. Seeking help for your child with behavior issues means that you care and are doing everything you can. Whether your child is two or fourteen, continued bad behavior wears on the whole family. It is difficult to deal with bad grades, flaring tempers, poor choices, or outward defiance. These young years of their life should be positive and filled with good memories, and they can be.

Perhaps the best way to help your child is to take a different perspective: it’s not their fault. It’s not yours either- let me explain. This behavior is an outcry for help. There is something in their body out of balance and subconsciously this is the way they ask for help, please listen to them. Your child is not behaving badly because they want to or because you have done something wrong; it is a sign that something is not right. My job to figure out what that is. Together we can work to fix what is off using natural methods.

The brain and nervous system are what control all of our thinking, acting, and the choices we make every second of the day, AND it is a very sensitive organ. In children with behavioral problems, I often find that they have an irritated nervous system. There are many things that can cause this, some chemical, some structural, most of them correctable.

Children are so rewarding to work with because their young bodies are resilient and often respond wonderfully to natural medicine. My goal is to make a plan that is simple, fits your budget, your lifestyle, and greatly improves the quality of life for your child and your whole family.

Please call Dr. Crystal Schmidt if you have questions about your child’s behavior.  (715) 579-7145

Dr. Schmidt is a doctor providing chiropractic care and natural medicine treatments to the children and adults of the St. Croix area. She is proud to serve the people of Hudson, Roberts, River Falls, New Richmond, Baldwin & Woodville, Menomonie, Stillwater, Woodbury, and the surrounding areas.


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