Most people tell me that the hardest time to eat gluten-free is when they are on the go, out with friends for dinner, or traveling. Hudson has some great options and with a few simple preparations you can ensure gluten-free success!

If you have an allergy or are sensitive to gluten- eating gluten-free needs to 100% all the time. Even one crumb is enough to set your health back; it is that important- so do what you need to do to succeed.

Always keep snacks with you or in your car
Nuts travel well, and you can often find them in individually portioned bags. Or just keep some in a small container in your purse, desk, gym bag, etc. Look for raw, and organic if possible. And the great thing is you can get them anywhere. Forgot to pack a snack? Run in to Walgreens or even the gas station.

Easy snacks are also nice to have on hand for when you get home late and have that "I need to eat something quick before I eat anything in sight" moment.

Healthy beef sticks (or beef jerky!) that are individually wrapped are a great source of protein. Look for organic, grass-fed and without any chemical additives, which you can find at Fresh & Natural Foods in Hudson. Also look into ordering them in bulk straight from the seller or even from

Bars: protein bars, nut bars, whatever you call them- they are quick, filling and travel really well. There are so many healthy, gluten-free options available now. Look for ones with at least 6g of protein.
My Favorite Picks (healthiest, best-tasting & most affordable)
Pure Bars; any variety:
Clif Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar; Peanut Butter:
Lara Bar “ALT”; any variety:

Plan ahead
Invited to someone’s home for dinner? Most people will find that their hosts are more than happy to accommodate them, and with a little digging about their menu followed by direction from you, they might be able to pull it off. If you don’t feel good about the invitation, don’t hesitate to decline their offer. It is your health, and it should come first. Or politely explain that you are eating a certain way for you health, that you can’t expect them to prepare anything special for you, and offer to have them over at your home instead.

Almost all restaurants offer something that you can eat. It might be something smaller, and you should have a snack with you to supplement it if you need to. You can often be safe with a salad, but not the dressing. Don't hesitate to bring your own; I have never seen a restaurant that minded this...just try to be discrete. Check their website or call ahead and figure out what you can have before you get there. I recommend doing this before you even decide on a restaurant in the first place.

In Hudson, WI I have personally been to or have had great feedback from other patients on the following:
Pier 500, Hudson:
San Pedro Café, Hudson:
Dough Boys Pizza, Hudson:
Chipotle, Hudson:

If you are eating a gluten-free diet, but continue to have symptoms that you were hoping to get rid of, please call Natural Medicine Center to speak with Dr. Crystal Schmidt.  (715) 579-7145

Dr. Schmidt is a doctor providing chiropractic care and natural medicine treatments to the children and adults of the St. Croix area. She is proud to serve the people of Hudson, Roberts, River Falls, New Richmond, Baldwin & Woodville, Menomonie, Stillwater, Woodbury, and the surrounding areas.


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