Water is so very important, we all know this. But how can you get yourself to drink more? Make it fancy! This isn’t quite a “flavored” water…maybe more of a “scented” water, but either way, it  looks fancy and it always helps me to drink more water.

The secrets are these:
1. Use a glass water pitcher and lots of ice- this is what makes it fancy and appealing to drink all day. 
2. Use fresh anything!
It's simple: Keep a bag of frozen cranberries in the freezer and grab a small handful out to add to your water pitcher. Paired with a few slices of fresh orange, this one is wonderful. You can even cut the cranberries in half for more cranberry flavor. 

By the way, you can make any flavor you wish, just used what you have around! Here are some more ideas:
cucumber slices
mint-lime (my summertime favorite)
fresh pineapple (you could use the inedible core for this!)
a few slices of fresh strawberries
pear and fresh ginger
the possibilities are endless!

Just keep your pitcher in the refrigerator. The ice will stay solid almost a whole day in there. Keep refilling the pitcher with water as you drink it throughout the day. Or keep it out where you can see it and add more ice as needed. 

People have been doing this all over for a long time…but I got the idea from Chef Laurel Robertson of the Eau Claire area- she is a personal chef and also holds cooking classes (which are great fun, by the way). 
Thanks Chef! Check her out at: http://www.dinners-on.com/