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I would love to speak with you about your health challenges- please call or email anytime for a free consultation. -Dr. Crystal Schmidt


My goal is to get you well as quick as possible and not keep you coming back forever. Treatments are very thorough, and I use both gentle and more intense adjustments, depending on your preference.

Natural Medicine

I work with "tough cases." I see patients who have been to multiple doctors and haven't gotten the answers they were looking for, or who want a more natural approach to their health problems.

Good Attitude

Your health is a matter that I take very seriously. I love what I do and I like to have fun at work. Although we are dealing with something that is serious, you will find a very light-hearted atmosphere here!

Why Natural Medicine Center?

I operate according to the Golden Rule: treat people as you wish to be treated. 

When I go to a health care facility I want my doctor to be on time, I want them to pay attention to me- to listen when I talk and ask relevant questions.

I want a thorough exam, a thoughtful treatment plan, and I want it explained to me in a way that I can understand.

I want the doctor to be honest with me and to tell me what I need to do reach my health goals. I want the greatest care possible but I don’t want any care that is unnecessary.

This is what I expect and this is what I intend to give. -Dr. Crystal Schmidt



Initial Consult

Dr. Schmidt will speak to you over the phone or correspond over email in order to get a general idea of your health concerns, and will then determine if you are a good candidate for care.


First Visit

On your first visit you will spend at least an hour with Dr. Schmidt. She will go over all of your paperwork and perform a thorough exam and treatment.



After your visit, Dr. Schmidt will sit down and go over every detail of your case again. She will create a plan designed to help you feel better as quickly as possible.



On your second visit, Dr. Schmidt will go over all your results, as well as your plan for treatment. She will answer any and all questions that you may have.

Contact Info

  • Location: Baldwin, WI
  • 715-579-7145

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